"I never dare to write
As funny as I can"

- Oliver Wendell Holmes

"What man dare, I dare:
Approach thou like
the rugged Russian bear,
The arm'd rhinoceros,
or the Hyrcan tiger,-
Take any shape but that,
and my firm nerves
Shall never tremble."

- Macbeth, Act iii. Sc. 4

"You gotta dare to suck
in order to be great."

- Ricky Martin

"I can suck melancholy
out of a song
as a weasel sucks eggs.
More! I prithee, more."

- As You Like It,
Act ii. Sc. 5


Ted Happens! Theatre of Ted is going strong with the best in bizarre and magical Saturday late night performances. Come and enjoy the show, and work up something to perform. It's almost every Saturday night during the school year at midnight in Centennial West 301.

Better start practicing! Every year in April we play Four-Square straight through the night and day to raise money for scholarships. You can participate through playing, contributing, or bringing us something to eat! Fun for everyone. More details at the Four-square pages.

Mock Prom, Winter Ball, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Alumni Guest Artist Program. Very special events, from the annual Goldfarb awards to returning Ted alums.

Get your Theatre of Ted gear! T-shirts, hats, mugs for Theatre of Ted, Dare to Suck, and 4-Square. Great deals!

Why Dare to Suck?

DareToSuck is not "Try to Suck" or "Aspire to Suck," but rather a challenge to try and possibly fail -- to take risks. To dare -- and maybe fall flat on your face, with a community of friends to say "Hey, that sucked! But nice try!"

For more information, contact webmaster@daretosuck.com