Theatre of Ted

Theatre of Ted is an uncensored open-mic-style performance event on Saturday nights at midnight at Illinois State University.

The rallying cry of Theatre of Ted is Dare to Suck, which is not "try to suck" or "aspire to suck," but rather a challenge to aim for the heights and possibly fail -- to take risks. To dare -- and maybe fall flat on your face, with a community of supportive friends to help you up.

Every Saturday night is your opportunity to come and perform. Anything you want! Just sign up and you're part of that evening's entertainment.

The only rules:

  1. Don't damage the facilities or the people.
  2. Clean up after your piece.
  3. Make is short in case it sucks.

Check it out, and then get ready to take the plunge yourself!

Theatre of Ted is an Independent Registered Student Organization through Student Activities and Involvement at Illinois State University. If you need accommodations to participate in this event, contact with sufficient time to arrange the accommodations.

Old stuff: Photos, Host Notes.